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  • Successful positioning on the EU market;

  • Competitiveness through optimization in the distribution of work and anticipation in the exchange of scientific and practical solutions;

  • Improvement of innovative solutions enhancing the production capacity of the companies that are members of NCITES;

  • Strengthening the investment dialogue with the government, regional structures, economic sector and science;

  • Active participation in determining the national innovation strategy in the economic and manufacturing sector;

  • Building strategic partnerships with industry clusters in the EU, the EC and specialized certification working groups of the EU determining European standards of systems;

  • Promoting R & D application projects with the aim of anticipatory preparation of Cluster members in the planned national, regional and European tenders for the construction of intelligent control systems;

  • Joint participation at specialized forums, congresses, symposia and creating joint development groups with innovation clusters specialized in the industry;

  • Strengthening strategic partnerships with high-tech companies in the sector by attracting them as Cluster members;

  • Use of financial resources provided for Clusters under EU Operational Programs;

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