Project „Advanced Systems for Prevention and early detection of forest fires

The goal of the project is to develop advanced concepts for early detection systems of forest fires that integrates sensor networks and mobile (drone) technologies for data collection and acquisition of those data at existing Crisis Management Information Systems (CMIS).

The mobile (drone) technologies will allow to cover much larger areas in order to raise the percentage of forest fires detections in area of particular importance, to monitor area with high fire weather index, and to monitor areas already affected by forest fires.

Furthermore, our project will calculate the probability of forest fires in certain areas, and will allow its integration in existing European CMIS.

Existed monitoring system of forest fires have the disadvantage of relatively low percentage of detecting of forest fires (between 23.5% - 30%). In our opinion, the main reason for this is that existing stationary systems cannot cover all areas of interest, especially in those where Fire Weather Index (FWI) is very high or the FWI is changing and Hot Spots may appear on different area.

The here proposed system based on mobile devises (drones) can solve this problem.