I N T R O D U C T I O N 

The Cluster is a voluntary association of companies representing various industrial and inter-industry sectors of production in a particular region, in this case – in Bulgaria, the countries of the Danube Region and the Black Sea Basin. The aim is to achieve a more efficient concentration of resources to improve competitiveness in as many areas of business as possible and to expand the range of resources of each participant, to support the development of scientific and practical projects in the field of Intelligent Management and Control Systems prioritizing the areas of transport and energy, as well as in the fields of environment and economy. Thus opportunities are created to organize a group of producers – legal entities, sole proprietors and individuals around one or more products or services unifying them, in order to be attractive to Bulgarian and foreign investors.

“National Cluster for Intelligent Transport and Energy Systems” (NCITES) is organized on a technological and market geographical basis. It covers mainly companies in the field of telecommunications, information technology, transport and energy technical infrastructure. Other companies and organizations servicing the sector are also involved in it, as well as research, teaching and application units and representative organizations of business.
The association is actively involved in the production of national and European standards related to management systems of intelligent systems in transport and energy.

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