System Engineering

  • Create an integrated system platform servicing the development and deployment of intelligent systems;
  • Conducting marketing activities related to the creation of strategic partnerships in adaptation and improvement of management software systems established as international practice;
  • Creation of a coordination center for consultancy in the system integrator’s field;
  • Complains Management.

Project Management

  • Defining and structuring intelligent control systems;
  • Feasibility studies for the implementation of intelligent control systems;
  • Generating and analyzing statistical data;
  • Design of intelligent control systems;
  • Design and implementation of new technologies for the construction of transport and energy infrastructure;
  • Models for the regulation of access to urban environment;
  • Design and implementation of systems for urban mobility;
  • Design and operation of traffic management systems;
  • Implementation of approved EU systems and standards related to road infrastructure safety;
  • Development of national technical rules and standards and adapting technical regulations and specifications established by the EC, related to the requirements for intelligent control systems;
  • Training auditors of intelligent control systems;
  • Performing an independent audit of projects implemented through the introduction of intelligent transport and energy systems, including risk assessment

Intelligent Transport Systems

  • Establishment of organization and conditions for implementing the requirements of the European directives for intelligent transport systems (ITS);
  • Study and implementation of good practices in the use of ITS in the long run;
  • Helping the public sector, industry, research units and non-governmental organizations in the implementation of intelligent transport systems;
  • Development of new industrial products;
  • Study and implementation of reliable communication among the vehicles and between vehicles and road infrastructure;
  • Public transport control systems, pedestrian and bicycle traffic.
  • E-ticket for public transport, passenger service systems in public transport, video surveillance systems;
  • Studying the social attitude in introducing intelligent transport systems;
  • Economic and technical models conforming to social expectations in the deployment of ITS;
  • Pavement control systems for the national road network;
  • Awarding and implementing transport infrastructure projects with the use of GPS and other construction equipment control systems;
  • Software solutions designed by the Employer;
  • Innovative road safety systems;
  • Electronic systems for urban mobility in economically underdeveloped regions;
  • Integration between construction, design companies and those in the field of information technology in the implementation of regional and national plans for the safety of transport infrastructure;
  • Independent audit of road safety systems and systems for protection against noise;
  • Innovative technical solutions in railway infrastructure;
  • New technology – Compactasphalt®, Pavement Management System (PMS);
  • Economic partnership programs associated with the development of the Danube Region and the Black Sea Basin.

Intelligent Energy Systems

  • Communication platform between industry, science and the public sector
  • Storing electricity in the power transmission system
  • Dialogue platform related to the application of Smart grid
  • Creating an international research center for the purpose of developing applications for Smart Grids, smart energy systems and building equipment based on a pilot project with one of the largest municipalities in Bulgaria. The focus of the development project is aimed at energy efficient solutions of Bulgarian municipalities in the field of Smart Information Technology, Smart Energy and Smart Building.
  • Smart meters, high reliability in data transfers and centralized management software are combined in the so-called Communication Reporting System – Pilot solutions as a joint product between science, producers, energy operators and consumers.
  • Regulatory legislative initiatives related to the introduction of Smart Metering through the adoption of an ordinance for the use of smart meters targeting the implementation of EU recommendations by 2020 for 80% of Bulgarian consumers to be covered by this system.
  • Street lighting management systems, energy saving lighting
  • Systems for intelligent management of home energy consumption
  • Building an information portal for services emphasizing on the following:
  • Speed and reliability in handling large database related to energy supplies
  • Transparency in reporting
  • Full independence from producers
  • 100% adaptation to consumer applications and mainly to existing reporting systems
  • Smart energy systems in tunnel construction – standards, European and world achievements.